Selected trainees will be required to train at Fale Dojo for 3 months. Training will be 6 days a week full time during this period.

This Dojo is a representation of the Japanese strong style and trainees will be instructed in other disciplines for example boxing, kickboxing and  grappling on top of wrestling.

We will also be holding open wrestling seminars for beginners who are looking to start from the ground up so please keep a look out for up and coming dates on these seminars.





- Fale Dojo - 3 month programme
                         $ 5000 NZD, per student

A deposit of $500 NZD must be made 2 months prior to start dates of each 3 month programme to secure your spot.  Once you have made your deposit payment you must ensure that you pay the remaining amount in full 1 month before commencing the programme. If you do not pay your remaining amount 1 month before commencement, there will also be no refund of your deposit.

For  trainees on the 3 month program, if you decide to withdraw before or during the program,  there will be no refunds so please ensure that before you sign up that you are absolutely committed to the programme and the requirements. It will be each individuals responsibility to attend all training sessions on time  as there will be no carrying over or over laping of courses into other intakes if you are to miss training sessions